At All Nations Church Oldham, we believe that being a Christian goes beyond attending a Sunday service. It is a way of life. Therefore, we encourage everyone in the congregation to meet up and enjoy life with other believers during the week. We also specifically arrange events on Thursdays and Fridays to help facilitate this.

Church Meeting

The first Thursday of the month we have a prayer meeting that begins at 7:30pm – 9:30pm. These often consist of a time of worship and prayer.

Leaders Meeting

The second Thursday is where the leadership team meets up. There is no organised midweek group but everyone is encouraged to fellowship.

Midweek Groups

Everyone who attends the church is placed into a midweek group (in whichever area is closer to where you live) where they meet in homes in group of 5-15 people.

Mingling Thursdays

For mingling Thursday we encourage everyone in the church to find someone they aren’t as familiar with and spend some time with them during the week. The aim of this is for people to develop not only their close relationships but also build their relationships with other believers in the congregation.